Shaffer Steel Corp.
60 Baldwin Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Toll Free: (866) 335-0770
Local Phone: (973) 335-9525
Fax: (973) 335-0557


Founder, Jack Shaffer started Shaffer Steel Corporation in 1968 after-working in the industry for 15 years. He opened the Parsippany sales office with four employees and leased a warehouse in Harrison, New Jersey. Shaffer Steel quickly built its reputation for excellent customer satisfaction while developing ongoing relationships with major steel mills that are still intact today.

Starting in 1978, four of Jack’s children, David, Merryl, Dennis and Daniel joined the company. As the company grew, the warehouse moved to its present location in Lyndhurst. A fleet of trucks, a new Red Bud leveling line, and shears were added to better handle customer requirements. We added a more diversified selection of steel to satisfy changing consumer demands and our delivery area expanded to Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Today, our customers include all types of general construction, HVAC and manufacturing firms. Shaffer Steel is entering its third generation as one of the Tri-State area’s leading distributors of prime and secondary steel. We remain committed to the same philosophy we began with in 1968 – complete customer satisfaction.

In the end, Shaffer is steel crazy after all these years.

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